Constellation Introdution

I really had no idea what to expect from Constellation before today but I’m actually really looking forward to it. This year is about titled ‘Concept’ and try hour lectures are my main interest so far. I’m really looking forward to learning about topics that I’ve maybe never come across before and theories which will help with my research.

After Christmas I can choose which lectures I wish to go to and I think this will be a great opportunity to learn about subjects that really interest me and help me further my work.

Baby Cages

We have been set an essay for the 18th Dec. It’s titled ‘Controversy’. It’s 500 words which isn’t too much however we can only use resources in the library and reference books. I feel I need spend an afternoon in the library just figuring out where everything is. I feel confident with my writing ability but the study skills sessions will be able to fill any gaps in my knowledge and help me push my writing up to an academic level.


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