Dr. Jon Clarkson: Making

Todays lecture covered the topic of Post Presepective. It was something that I had never really touched upon before however I found it rather interesting. It was refreshing to hear anaylise of artists that I hadn’t come across before. As I had a only a textile background before doing a foundation last year my art history knowledge is rather limited. However I have a thrust for new knowledge and learning more about art history really interests me.

Jon’s lecture was interesting and held my attention all the way through. One piece that I found particularly interesting was Eadweard Muybrridge’s “A Women Getting into Bed”. The audience sees the event unfolding over time rather than a singular moment. It is also viewed from three different angles therefore extends the knowledge of the moment compared to in reality where you only see things from one perspective. I realised now as an artist perspective is important but you could expand an audiences experience by involving more than one perspective.

Techniques of Post-Perseptive:

1.Multiplication of views and viewpoints

2. Adopting a Non-Human View Point

3.Doubling Repetition

4.Historical Perspectives

Todays lecture really highlighted to me that I would like to learn more about art history and broaden my research out of just textile designers and artists.


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