More Dissolvable

After drawing more from the cathedral and using dissolvable I wanted to try and use the dissolvable as a detailing rather than the whole piece. I used the dissolvable to create a window effect that mirrored the cathedral’s stain glass.

CCI05062015_16 I decided to use the a velvet fabric to add a more luxury feel to mirror the class and money surrounding the cathedral. I really liked the outcome of this sample however I feel that I would have liked to have made it more even/neater and the windows bigger so I could have added more detailing. Maggie suggested that the digital machines that I could use next term would allow me to create a neater and more precise design.


I also wanted to explore the autumnal weather surrounding me and the leaves that had fallen around the cathedral. The dissolvable stitch allows me to show the detailing of the leaves and as different textures to the leaves. I liked the delicate and undone feel to the sample which was inspired by BCXSY but would like to add more textures to the centre of the leaves. This would create a more layered feel.


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