Dye Workshop- Shibora

Today was another workshop on hot water baths. We moved on from clamps and used Shibora techniques of wrapping string tightly around the fabric in different ways to create different effects.

-The first design was wrapped around a square block and then bound by a string. I only quickly dipped the fabric into the dye baths which meant the dye didn’t ahem time to soak through the layers. This left the original cloud showing in the middle. I was really pleased with this outcome as it has many features to it.

-The second design was the a circular clamp design and then wrapped around a small pole and bond by string. I really like the simplicity go the design and it turned out just as I imagined it. I feel that I am now understanding the process more.

-The third was different to the others as I used a synthetic fabric. Due to the fabric properties the fabric shape can be changed when exposed the heat. I tied penny into the fabric to create this effect and then let the fabric in the dye baths for twenty minutes. The raised effect will stay in the fabric until it is exposed to heat again. I really like this effect and the textures surface adds a new dimension to the sample.

CCI05062015_5 CCI05062015_4 CCI05062015_7


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