Anne Brooke

Over the next two weeks we can go between the Print Room and Stitch Room to combine skills we have learnt in both. I wanted to create a mixed media piece as I have done a lot of mark making on paper also. When researching I came across Anne Brooke who is a textile artist who works in West Yorkshire.

These are a few pieces of her work and I found her choice of materials very cohesive and reflected the motif stitched above. The different textures add a different dimension to a simple stitched design. I like how you shapes similar to the design; such as a few round pieces to imitate the head of a dandelion; as this gave colour to the design and as the pieces weren’t cut exactly the it had a rustic feel. I would like to use these pieces to take inspiration from and recreate mixed media piece with the mark-making and dye samples as backgrounds.

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