Combining Dye and Stitch

We have the opportunity to work in both workshops. I wanted to develop my dye samples weren’t as successful. I created the first simple sample out of a fabric that I shibora dyed. The colours and patterns weren’t vibrant enough to stand out on their own so I decided to follow the dyed pattern will delicate hand stitching to create an autumnal feel. I feel this sample is simple but effective with the subtle stitches and dyes. I feel it will sit nicely with the Devore leave sample.


The second design was a pattern which has appeared in my samples and drawings throughout the project. I like the reverse appliqué style as it brought colour into the design. I feel the sample could be neater and the fabric did become slightly puckered. However I am happy with the overall feel of the sample. I feel the dyed background will tie in this more geometric design with the nature.


I also wanted to develop this dye sample. I really liked the shibora effect on this design and I felt that it would make a interesting background for a stitch sample.This sample has simple free embroidery stitch outlining some the stain glass windows in Llandaff Cathedral. I didn’t want to stitch over it too much as I still wanted the detailing of the dye sample to come through. I kept all the stitching in blue tones so it wouldn’t over power the dye sample.
new sample1


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