‘The City’ Brief

This morning we were introduced to the new Field module. I’m really looking forward into getting into a project with a theme. I think ‘The City’ is a good brief as it will allow me to explore my City and because I’m not a local it will really give me the chance to go and see all the areas I want to visit. I’m apprehensive about the group aspect of the project however I feel it will really help me to develop my skills in communicating, organising and team work. Hopefully a fully motivated group will really help me build my confidence to bring my ideas forward.

I need to identify with one particular aspect of the theme:

1. Power and Technology

2. Migration

3. The Hidden City

I think the Hidden City theme could be very interesting and give me lots of pathways to explore. However I’m going to keep open minded and see what aspects of initial research interests me the most.


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