Stitch- Speed Dating 1

In stitch today there was a set up which would allow us to learn 5 new techniques in one day. I really enjoyed the day even though it was very exercise based, I feel I learnt a lot of new skills.

CCF09022015_4Wing Needle: This is something that I had never used before but I feel that the technique is very effect. The holes cut give the stitch another decorative edge. I feel that it would give an installation piece small holes for light to seep through. I experimented on paper and it created a textured slightly ripped effect as the wholes help in the structured paper. It works well with or without stitch. I would like to develop this skill further by experimenting on different fabrics and colours.

Cording Foot: I found this technique could be used to create very straight lines. I had to experiment to find which stitches and lengths would work with different cords and threads However I think I prefer using cords on the bobbin to create a similar effect because you can’t see the stitch over the top.CCF09022015_51

Electronic Machine: I have never used an electronic machine before and I didn’t know what to expect. I was amazed by the wealth of stitches and how easy it was to use. I learnt how to get to stitches to finish at the end of a pattern and how to use guides to create perfect finishes. I can see how this machine would create a very professional finish and I would like to use this machine in my samples more often.

Piping: I has used this technique before however it was helpful to refresh. I find this technique would mainly be used on interior pieces such as cushions and bedding. I would like to try and use it as a decorative technique however I feel I would need to use finer cord.

Ruffling Foot: Whenever I have created ruffles in the past I have done them by hand. This foot can make them much easier and accurate if used slowly. I really enjoyed this technique and I would love to find ways to use it in sampling. I also refreshed my memory on the overlocker and I would like to experiment more with colour and fabric on the ruffling foot and overlocker. I tried to combine the techniques as the end of the day; Ruffling and Cording; Ruffling and Electronic stitch. I feel the cording and stitching down the middle of the ruffles creates another layer and draws the attention to the ruffles. I feel it makes the ruffles even more decorative and delicate.ย CCF09022015_53


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