Stitch: Speed Dating 2

Similar set up to last week just different techniques.

CCF09022015_64CCF09022015_65 CCF09022015_66

Triple Needle: This is the first time I had ever used this needle. I enjoyed using the twin needle and this is a development on that. I experimented with purple stitches and a metallic thread and the metallic thread stood out between the two and gave a very decorative effect. I also used three shades of yellow and I think if i develop it further I use this technique tor represent shading in an image.

Triple Cording Foot: I prefer this foot to the individual cording foot from last week. I liked experimenting with the combinations of different cords and stitches over the top. I feel this could be used to add dimension to a geometric piece and could be used to highlight linear features in designs.

Tucking Foot: This is a really different technique which I have always wondered how it was achieved. I found it difficult to get it all lined up however I feel that this technique could be used to create texture and depth by making a 2D surface 3D.

CCF09022015_63 CCF09022015_62 CCF09022015_61

Fringe Foot: I really enjoyed this technique and probably is my favourite so far. I feel it would be wonderful on textural pieces and even when the stitches aren’t cut it creates a raised stitch. I combined it with the cording and I really liked the outcome. I feel it could be used to finish the edges of a piece or could be used in a more expressive way to develop the surface.

Felting Machine: I never enjoyed using this machine in the past. I much prefer it now as I experimented with loose wools and threads. I feel this could create wonderful backgrounds with combinations of colours and the technique has a softness to it. The blues I used reminded me of waters and I felting would be a great way of creating natural backgrounds.

Loops: These loops could be used as button loops and finishing edges. Its easier to use silky fabrics as you have to reverse the fabric however I experimented with a printed cotton and it worked out well. However I do find it more effective with the colour.


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