St. Fagans Drawings

These are a few sketches I did at St. Fagans museum. I really found the Workmen Institute a fascinating building. This building would have been a very important building the community. It is one of the largest buildings in the museum and holds a real presence. I really loved the detailing in the windows and brick work. However what I found most eye-catching was the contrasting blue/green guttering running across the building.
CCF09022015_35There was also a lovely chapel which was highly decorative inside with paintings all over the walls and detailed windows and carvings throughout. One of the main places to visit is the St.Fagans castle and the museum is set on its grounds. The castle isn’t as grand as most but still stand high above beautiful gardens and ponds. The castle is very regal and has housed royalty visiting the area in history. I feel the Castle was one of the most inspiring buildings and the museum as it was a very powerful building and has loads of detailing throughout.CCI22022015aCCI22022015b


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