Group Selection

After a few activities such as writing down strengths and figuring out type of team player we are. We had to start selecting our groups. The activities were an interesting way to find out how other people work. The two requirements for the groups are to be sized 3-6 people and to have no more than two people of the same discipline in a group. Chris and Pippa also seem very keen to work with people you have never met before today.

In the first mind map group I grouped with Courtney (Fine Artist) and Natasha (Maker) and we discussed our strengths and weaknesses and our previous work. We are all interested in “The Hidden City’ theme and it was so interesting to hear about their work and who they work. Courtney’s previous group had created collage pieces and layered together all their research and work. This links very well with my groups previous work as we layering different aspects of the city together with acetate. On the maker course they hadn’t already had a previous group so she had done her own research, she had planned to create pieces of work for the blind which describe different places in the city. She is also really interested in ceramics at the moment.

Later on we had Shawn (Ceramics) and Eva (Graphics). They fit into the group well as Shawn and Natasha have similar ways of working and Eva is interested in more photography and film which will bring a different element to our group.


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