Multi-Disciplinary Day One

I didn’t know what to expect from today but I was looking forward to meeting new art students and being taught by different lecturers for a change. I thought the first activity was purely an ice breaker. We all had objects and we had to pair up and position the objects in an aesthetically pleasing way for the both of us. However we couldn’t speak. I found the silence quite freeing as the only confrontation was moving the objects.

The groups then increased in size to 4,6,8,16 and then 32. It was interesting to see how the dynamic had changed as the group changed. The activity actually made everyone think about what group sizes work for them and what they gained from the different group sizes. I personally found the group size of 4 the right size because the 2 person groups didn’t have enough variety however there was too much conflict in the larger groups.


(The 32 group with the array of objects)


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