First Group Meeting

Today we met in Studio 5 which is the Maker/Ceramics studio which was really interesting to see Natasha’s and Shawn’s studio. Its very active and lively. We discussed ideas we wanted to develop and the group were really interested in the artists (Marco Hammering and Anish Kapor) I had found. Natasha had come across an artist who had used mirror/kaleidoscope glasses which when worn revealed positive messages which can’t be seen by the naked eye.

We are going to develop mirrors out of mosaic pieces and take them into the city. We will then use them to create distorted images to change the perspective on the city. We will then develop them further to see what we would like to further the work.

Unfortunately Eva couldn’t make the meeting today, it would have been interesting to see what artists she would have brought to the group. However we are still in contact with her.


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