Making Day

We started making the mirrors this morning originally using cardboard and paper. We realised that the mirrors on paper were bendable which could create some interesting images however the mirrors on cardboard would be easier to handle. We tried a different density of mirrors and layered them up. We really wanted a variety so we have a lot to try out when photographing the city tomorrow. After out tutorial Shawn offered to roll out some clay to use. These were really lovely objects as they felt and looked more purposeful however there is the difficulties of not being able to fire the clay once we press the mirrors in. Also we don’t know how well they will photograph as we used terracotta clay which is a dark brown before fired.


It was a very productive making session and the objects and mirrors have enough variety and purpose of us to hopefully create an array of images and effects. It was great to be making and using peoples skills to create these objects. For example Natasha came up with the idea of modelling on so it would be comfortable to carry however I had to help her make the piece as she had to hold it. Our main aim is to be experimental.



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