Second Group Tutorial

Todays tutorial was more constructive because we had more work to show. We took some of our mirrors but we hadn’t yet finished the clay objects. Chris and Pippa were surprised as they were expecting larger installation type pieces due to the artist research we had done. However we discussed time frame and money with them and they saw why we had chosen to go with smaller mirrors. We wanted to get across the idea that the image was more important than the object and they really liked how our group were progressing. Eva discussed how see would like to make a film to compliment our photography but also that she will be leaving earlier for easter and this may effect the work. The other group in our tutorial were really positive about our mirrors and seemed to really like the idea of having something physical to carry round. Pippa suggested developing the installation idea by experimenting with tin foil. She liked the idea of something being in the city and people to having something to take notice of as the walk past. They would like to see us develop our research and work. On Tuesday we have to do a presentation and we need to bring a proposal of how we would like to develop the project rather than a final piece. This does give us move of a chance to experiment with the mirrors and develop our work without the worry or creating a perfect final piece(s).


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