Out in The City

Today we took the mirrors out into the city. We wanted to use all the mirrors in different locations an see how well they photograph. Unfortunately the clay models didn’t travel very well and then had cracks and some breakages however were still usable. If we were to purse the idea of creating objects for an individual to carry around the city we will have to rethink materials to make them more long lasting.

We visited the castle, arcades and library. If we were to go back into the city we will take them into less iconic places in Cardiff to show a contrast. Hopefully the distorted mirrors will make the more rundown look different and change peoples perspective on the city. This could possibly be a route we could take the project to change the perspective on areas of the city.

We could also take the photos we have from today and create them into pieces of art in themselves. Eva has researched the artist David Hockney and it links well with Courtney’s previous collage work. This could also be a possible idea. We will be meeting tomorrow to discuss the photos further.

This are just a few of my favourite photos:

IMG_1790 IMG_1798 IMG_1826 IMG_1866 IMG_1881 2


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