Group Meeting: Presentation Planning

Today we meet to discuss the presentation and how we would like to develop our photos. We are replay pleased with how the photos came out and well the mirrors worked. We realised that the clay objects didn’t photograph as well as the flat cardboard and paper ones.

We have decided to present a couple possible outcomes to our project. The initial idea is to develop on the photography idea and take that flat mirrors to run down places to make them look distort and to change peoples perspective on them. We would develop the photographs and mirrors by bringing in colour much like the Marco Hemmerling ‘City Scope’ work.

Another outcome is to develop the photos and treat them as works of art in themselves. Myself and Courtney will be developing 2 A3 photos with 2D skills to create mural style images. These images could then be used as a mural/advertisement piece for Cardiff city centre. Shawn and Natasha didn’t feel that they could help with this 2D aspect so will be developing another possible outcome.

Shawn and Natasha will be developing the idea of taking objects around the city. When speaking to their technicians and they suggested using resin or plaster to create the mirrored objects. We also discussed the idea of setting a trail for people to follow with the objects or they could be personal objects for people to take where they want.

We will be meeting Monday to finalise the presentation.


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