Digital Lecture: Moodboards

This digital lecture was with Lucy and she was really showing the possibility of mood-boards in photoshop. The photoshopped mood boards looked very professional compared to “cut and stuck” boards. I haven’t used photoshop for a mood-board before so I’m looking forward to creating the professional finish I have strived for. Lucy showed us some great youtube video on mood-boards and it made me realise that If i ever get stuck on something digital there will be help available at my finger tips.

I haven’t made mood-boards in quite a while and hopefully I will be able to get back to it. Lucy was stressing the impatience of telling one story/one image rather than a broken up collection of images. I have to be quite particular with the election of imagery and make sure they relate back to the brief.

My selected brief:

‘Scanned Memory’

A Simplistic, purer and more ethically correct way of life: away from consumption, stress and rigid must-haves – towards favourites and a genuine feeling of well-being. Think x-rays/ see-through chic/ lightness/delicacy


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