Digital Workshop: Making Mood-boards

After the morning lecture with Lucy, Steve went through some new tools in photoshop related to photo editing. These skills will really help me to create my mood-board. The two main tools we learnt were; dropping shadows and the gradient tool. The gradient tool will be really helpful in creating the one image/story feel that Lucy was saying that we should aim for when creating our mood-boards.

Today I then went forward and played around with some of the tools I had learnt and tried to create initial mood-board ideas.

After talking to Lucy she suggested that some of the images weren’t related directly to the brief so I should go through each individual image and check if it links to all the points in the brief. There were a few conflicts in opinion but I feel that because I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone I hadn’t fully grasped the brief. Some of the images I had selected were swaying towards my personal taste rather than the brief. Lucy would like a more finished mood-board by Monday so we can discuss it further.


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