Digital Workshop: Illustrator 2

Illustrator is my weak point at the moment however today we went through creating shapes and brush stokes. Steve shows us very detail when doing his tutorial which is really helpful for creating really good notes. I’m trying to keep my notes as clear and in depth as possible so when I go back to them I have clear guidelines for my work.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 12.13.42

These are a few brush strokes that I experimented with and I was really interested in the artist brush style ones. This could allow me to create digital pieces with a hand draw feel. The shapes are much easier to manipulate in Illustrator and you have more control as you can add and remove “anchor” points.

In the afternoon I used multiple tools that I had learnt to create a simple repeat design. I was happy with how far my skill shad come and the outcome. I was really pleased with the professional finish and would love to create more like this. However I do feel the design is quite simple and hopefully as my skills develop so will my designs. The deign doesn’t link to my project but was a good experimentation.



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