Digital Lecture: Colour Forecasting

I’ve always understood the importance of colour but never learnt all the theory behind. Lucy today said that consumers spend three seconds on a product before moving on. Therefore colour must be very important and can evoke emotions and sensations in a person.

I learnt some more colour terminology today which will help me when analysing and selecting colour:

  • Hue: what the colour is.
  • Chroma: pure colour, lack of white.
  • Saturation: strength or weakness.
  • Value: light or dark.
  • Tone: adding grey to hue.
  • Shade: adding black to hue.
  • Tint: adding white to hue.

This will help become more articulate when referencing colour and also make me more knowledgeable about colours when selecting them. This lecture was to help us develop our market definition stage and create a colour palette and board. The brief I have chosen would fit a delicate pink, blue and grey palette to reflect the key points of the brief. However I have never created a colour palette through photoshop or illustrator before (or created a board). Lucy explained the Pantone system and how this will help with printing and how we should put chips on our colour board. The pantone system has exact measures for colour and I can put them directly in Illustrator. This is really going to help me create the palette I envisage and make sure it the same when printed.

Lucy went through different types of palettes which I found really interesting and I will consider each when developing my could palette.

  • Monochromatic: adding grey to the hue and increasing to create a range of tones.
  • Analogous: three colours next to each other on the colour wheel.
  • Complimentary: combing colours opposite on the colour wheel.
  • Split complimentary: uses a colour adjacent to the complimentary colours.
  • Triadic: uses three colours evenly spaced around the colour wheel.
  • Custom: No rule, used by most designer/artists.

The colour board is to be similar to the mood-board but is based on colours rather than telling a story. These the colour swatches I am thinking of developing into a colour palette.

 Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 01.05.48

I feel that these colours will work well with the brief and be in-keeping with the delicacy and fragility of the brief. However I would like a pop of colour in the palette. Therefore I have looked in to brighter pinks and blues and the possibility of coral.


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