When starting Constellation I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised that the course handbook had all of expectations and information laid out from day one. I was intrigued to broaden my knowledge on art history as before my foundation I only had a textile background.

In the first term I found some of the key notes interesting especially Jon Clarkson:Post Perspective and Cath Davies: Meaning. These two keynotes were full of information and my I intently listened to all the lecture. However I felt some of the Key Notes I didn’t enjoy this could be because of it being difficult to hear or understand some lecturers or their presentation style didn’t suit my personal style of learning. I felt the most relevant Key Note was “Seeking Controversy in the Library” as this was really informative and helped me fully understand how to correctly access resources in the library and what how to access the resources I find for their relevance and validity. This Key Note built my confidence on the using the library because initially I found it quite daunting as I have never had access to such a large and extensive Library of resources.

The Study skills were set up well however a lot of my groups study skills were either cancelled or rearranged. Some of the study skills were really helpful such as the Analysing Media etc. However some of the study skills such as Referencing and Being Reflective were a little irrelevant to me as I have has lessons on this in previous studies. I would have preferred if these types of sessions were sign up or none compulsory.

I wasn’t too worried about the Baby Cage essay as it was quite short. It did take me a while to gather research and get used to using Summon etc. It was difficult to find material on the Baby Cage itself but I feel that this really developed my skills on researching as it was slightly difficult to start with. I really enjoyed researching into a comparison image. It gave me the freedom to research into something I was interested in. I chose to research advertising from a similar age as the Baby Cage and explore the use of women and how they were sexualised. When receiving feedback was I quite happy with my feedback. It was referred to as “Good” with places for improvement. I was pleased with this result as I struggled with the researching in the beginning.

When applying for our Term Two study groups my first choice was Cath Davies: Smells Like Teen Spirit. I have researched similar topics before and would have liked to broaden my knowledge on the subject. I also felt this could be the most relatable to my subject. However I was in Jon Clarksons: Post-Modernism. I was still pleased with this selection as I really enjoyed his keynote and his teaching style. I also really wanted to broaden my knowledge on art history as I feel that its really important for my studies to understand the origins of works.

The Study Group lectures were two hours every week and I feel that that they may not have been enough due to rarely reaching the end of the keynote. I really enjoyed the development over the weeks and looking at different movements each week. I had personal preferences on which movements I enjoyed learning about however all the lectures were still interesting and informative. The trip out to London was a really great trip. Even though it was rather short I felt that seeing the art we had previously discussed in their museum setting really brought the information from the lectures to reality. It really helped me consolidate the information in my mind and helped me further understand the course content and the art movements. The trip to Cardiff Museum was really interesting and really broaden my knowledge and outlook on museums. It really enlightened me on the museum and the building itself rather than the artworks within. I really enjoyed learning more about the new city I live in.

It took me a while to decide what essay title I wanted to research but after going through my notes and realising which lecture I found the most interesting I decided to go with Pop Art. The art movement is something I have seen throughout my studies bet never really understood in depth. Therefore I wanted to advance my knowledge. Researching into consumers would be really interesting to me because when creating textiles pieces I constantly research the consumer market and the captive audience therefore this essay and research will hopefully help me widen my perspective on consumers.

I spent the majority of my time researching and gathering extensive notes. The skills I learnt in the study skills from the first term really helped me with this stage. The Key note on the Library was the most influential as I understood the importance of having broad range of references. When writing the essay I would have liked a little more support maybe more than just one tutorial.

Over the year I have ad missed feelings on Constellation. I was really keen to broaden my knowledge on Art History and I felt the the Term Two study group were really informative and interesting. I feel that my confidence has grown as a researcher and I feel that I can probably use the library resources. However I do feel that there was little lack of communication and organisation surrounding cancelled study skills and how to present the PDP at the end the year. I do feel that some of the aspects were irrelevant to me but I understand the importance to make sure every one is on the same level.


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