Digital Workshop: Illustrator Vector Drawing

I wanted the chance to develop my vector drawing skills and today we created a piece in Illustrator rather than photoshop. I found this much easier as you could create curves and by adding in anchor points could edit the shapes and lines. I initially experimented with a few of the brush tools that I had learnt in the previous week.


I was very pleased with the outcome in comparison to my photoshop piece. This were created very quickly in just a few minutes and were still very effective. The different brushes gave it a hand drawn feel. I wanted to then progress on to a piece which would take me a longer amount of time and would therefore be more detailed.


I was so impressed with how quickly my Illustrator skill shave developed and this is shown in the complexity go this piece. I was incredibly happy with the outcome and proud to have created it. I would like to develop this more and possibly use this style in a print. The use of multiple layers allowed me to add dimension to things such as the hair and allow me to get create details within the eyes. I feel that I could probably be more detailed however I like the outcome and the feel it creates with this level of detail. It really made me look the photo and pull out the key features and figure out what was the most important.


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