Digital Lecture: Concept Exploration

Concept exploration is the next step after Market Definition. This lecture was over viewing the next step and showed us how we could link in the first half of the Subject module to this.

Concept exploration would usually involve drawings, samples and prototypes when necessary. In this digital micro brief it will involve drawings and digital experiments. Lucy was explaining the importance of exhausting an idea for example if I was to research daises I would draw a daisy a hundred different ways so I plenty of options when turning them into prints.

In the last Subject feedback (December) I was told my drawings lacked detail. Therefore I will spend a small amount of time developing them so I can scan them in for designs. This will therefore address this issue from the first half of the module but will also allow me to create black and white line drawings to turn into vectors.

We watched two tutorials on how to turn hand rendered images into vectors and the first tutorial was the same method as creating the vector face drawing I have done previously. Whereas the second tutorial was about “Live Trace” which I had briefly used before. I think this will be the bets method to develop my drawings into vectors as it is quick but also very adjustable.

By Tuesday we need a mood-board and a colour-board, which I have already completed, and some initial concept ideas and to have started digital work on the concepts.


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