Photoshop Repeat Designs

These are some reprint prints that I created after Tuesdays workshop. I experimented with the “Canvas Size” option to play around with composition and how the patterns were repeated. I would like to experiment more with this in the future.

 Repeat1a Repeat8

These were my initial too attempts. I created the dragonfly design with simple ellipse shapes. I was pleased with the outcome for my first attempt however I feel that It was too simple and if I used illustrator I would have more control over the shapes. Therefore I would be able to create more detailed designs. The second was a scanned in drawing that I created in the “Field” project. I really like the complexity of the print however due to the original image being hand rendered it didn’t match up very well. These two attempts were good for a start but I would like to develop it further by making more detailed and accurate designs


This is a development of the hand rendered piece. This is a water-colour drawing from an early project. I edited it so it was cut out and the bottom of the castle faded. I was very pleased with the outcome and really like the combination of hand rendered and digital.

 a4flower flowerfinal`flowerfinal2

This is my final design for now. I used multiple tools in photoshop such as elliptical and burn tool to create the floral design. I could make a more detailed design in Illustrator and I would like to develop my skills in Illustrator so I could do. However I am really pleased with this design. I experimented with “Canvas Size” and this allowed to repeat the floral design differently. In the 2nd design the repeat gives the print a busier and more complex look. I also added a background in keeping with my possible colour scheme for the brief.


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