Field PDP

The field project has been a real learning curve for me and has shown me a lot about the way work and the ways others work. I was initially very apprehensive about the project, as I don’t usually like relying on others for my grades etc. When starting the project I was really looking forward to having a themed project and getting to explore the new City I had moved to. I through myself into gaining lots of primary research in the city and visited many places such as the castle, the arcades, the city centre and St Fagans. I was reaching and drawing the architectural details of the city and what people usually over look on an everyday basis. Many of these details inspired me to create patterns for surface decoration, which tied in well with the screen-printing we were learning in the workshops.

The first group I worked with was just in textiles and the group worked well and coming up with ideas was simple as we all work with similar outcomes in mind. Our group was aimed at the “Hidden City” theme and the group were really interested in exploring architecture of Cardiff. The screen-printing we were currently learning was a large influence to our piece as we thought we could combine everyone’s areas of research into a print. Silivia Muzzarelli was the artist that really fuelled the ideas as we were drawn to the idea of hanging pieces to create a layered effect and combine lots of areas of the city. We developed our ideas through mood boards, experimentation and group meetings. We decided to layer print designs onto acetate so the viewer could see through all the details of the city that we had researched. Taking influence from Muzzarelli we left gaps between the acetate, which meant the piece could be viewed from multiple angles and a different design(s) would be seen. The group worked well together but there were issues with time management and attendance that I found quite difficult, as this is something I feel can really change a group. The piece held a positive message about looking further at the city and not over looking some details. The instillation style of the piece could be developed into a larger design with more time.

The multi-disciplinary group was something completely new to me. I feel it really helped me feel more comfortable with moving and working throughout the entire art school. It was a change to be taught by different lectures. In textiles we are much more design based whereas Chris and Pip were more interested in the personal journey behind the work. It was a very freeing way to work for a few weeks and I feel that I could take this approached into the research areas of my textiles work. The group I was in was more inclined towards making skills and this is something we really wanted to work towards. As a group we negotiated well to try and include many peoples skills however I did see the difference in opinions. This was however interesting to work with and see how students from different disciplines work towards their outcomes. My fellow group members really helped me to be more exploratory with the work and I felt that we spent a lot of time thinking of the purpose for creating out work and the message we wanted to portray.

Similarly this group was also interested in “Hidden City” which was great as we could all bring previous work forward to help us form our ideas. After a few meetings and combining our ideas we decided to look into the way people interact with the city and how we could change their perspective on it. When discussing artists such as Anish Kapoor and Marco Hemmerling we wanted to work towards creating work in the city. We started by making small hand held items and taking them around with us. It was a really exploratory day and was actually really fun for the group. Due to the how much we enjoyed the day we decided to develop ideas in the way of creating a trial with the small objects. This would make people interact with the city and hopefully change their perspective. It would also make people spend more time looking at the details of the city, which they pass on the everyday. One group member (Eva) is a graphics student and liked the idea of using the interesting images we captured from our hand held mirror objects. Courtney (Fine Art) and I decided to further the idea of using the images as pieces of art in themselves. We combined our skills and previous work to create possible artistic outcomes for the project.

Overall the group worked well together and they were pleasant to work with. What I learnt the most from this project is to try and be more exploratory with my work, just because I have a designed based subject doesn’t limit my options. I am a naturally organised person and found it difficult to deal with other people’s time keeping and attendance. I feel as a group we could have achieved more over the weeks but I was pleased with the outcomes and the possible developments that could be progressed if it was a longer project.


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