Illustrator Art boards

Using the art boards art boards has been a fantastic way of developing my ideas. The multiple boards allows me to quickly develop a design by simply copying it onto the next one and then changing the scale, colour, shape etc. Having the boards next to each other also allows me to see the simple differences and see what the impact the changes make to the design.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 17.55.11I’m really happy with this outcome. It was easy to develop the design and I feel I quickly I came up with more ideas than I had before. I particularly liked the layered designs with the detail on the front and then a simple filled flower behind. This mirrors my research into Sanderson Designs and I really like the outcomes I have created. The filled flowers create another dimension to the design and allows the details of the poppy motif to stand out against the solid back drop. Also seeing my selected colour palette working cohesively on so many boards reinforces my choice of colour for this project.


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