Illustrator Art Boards

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 17.55.43This is a developing art board from my drawings of the Llandaff Cathedral. The drawing day in Llandaff cathedral was a key day in Term one and I really wanted to bring these into this project. When initially developing the designs the first board was too blocky and had too much of a “churchy” feel. Therefore I developed the oval shapes into a floral pattern to tie in with the other designs. I was really impressed with how quickly they transformed. The floral designs were a very effective way to develop the Llandaff drawings into this project. However the designs are very busy and detailed so I decided to strip it back to a simpler design. The oval shapes were soften with a brush edge and offset to create a more hand rendered and broken up feel. The offset outline with break up the design and the delicate edges reflect the key properties in the “Scanned Memory” brief.


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