Miss Print Designer

After my tutorial with Lucy I wanted to play around with scale and I thought the best way to do this was to research into wallpaper designs. Most of my designs so far are of similar scale. They are quite detailed and this can create a busy. I want my collect to be quite diverse in scale, pattern and colour so they don’t all the same but cohesive and sit together as a collection. I feel my prints so far could be used on either interior or fashion and I would like the idea of creating  larger design. When researching nature styled prints many came up as wallpapers, largely autumnal in feel. These wallpaper by Miss Print Designer caught my eye as it was different to the others in style and colour.

saplings-yellow-missprint-wallcoveringScreen Shot 2015-06-03 at 22.31.07

This particular design really struck me because of the long-stemmed design created space between the motifs and the simplicity of the lines and fills allowed the wallpaper to not appear too busy. I would like to create and art board and take influence from this type of design. I would like to use multiple colours but a simple design. The choice of colours is different to the average nature inspired wallpaper. The bright fuchsia and yellow steps out from the norm and makes the print unique and standout from others I found. I feel that may work will take great influence after this due to my colour scheme not being the expected; many of my design motifs are poppies but I’m stepping away from the passion and fire behind a red and moving into softer pinks and blues to create the delicate and fragile feel that the brief has laid out.

Miss Print Designer is a UK-based fabric, upholstery and wallpaper print designer and many of the designs appear to be created on illustrator. Many of the designs have bold colour choices and a linear feel will simple lines to create the motifs. This allows the colours to be as important as the designs. I feel that I could reference back to this Designer to gain inspiration on many projects as they have a board catalogue of designs.

images-1images miss-print-mountains-wallpaper-red-sun-263x300


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