Wallpaper Design

After looking at Miss Print’s and looking at my other designs I have decided to use a larger scaled motif will more spacing to create a design which could be fit for a wallpaper. I also decided to use a different motif for this design so it is different from the others. However the motif is another drawing of a poppy but a different perspective.   Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 17.56.44

The initial design was too close together and didn’t create the effect I wanted as it would be too busy when blown up to a wallpaper. Therefore I extended the stems and and scaled up the motifs to create more space between them. This design will sit well with the other designs as the scale is different to the others. I will decide on the background colour when it is next to my other designs. This will allow me to create a cohesive collection as each design will have a balance of colour.


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