Subject: Digital PDP

This term has been so invaluable to me. I feel that I have learnt some new skills, which will bring my work to the professional level required in the industry. Learning the design process and working through the market definition, concept exploration and detailed design has made me work very methodically. This has helped me manage my time better as I set myself small deadlines within the project. This allowed me to fully explore my concepts and designs.

On previous courses I has only learnt minimal techniques in Photoshop and Illustrator but this term I have learnt so much in such a small space of time. Over the summer I will continue to use the skills I have learnt, as I wouldn’t want to lose touch with it. The use of art boards in Illustrator allowed me to be more experimental as I work as I can redo/undo anything that goes wrong. It takes away the worry of being too precious with hand rendered designs.

I took me a little longer to get the hand of picking apart the brief and portraying that into a moodboard. I feel that I become to wrapped up in creating something that I would like rather than creating something for the brief. Usually in my work I stray away from pinks and anything to feminine for a more geometric feel therefore I am pleased that I have pushed myself to try a different style for my work. I am very pleased with the outcomes of this project as I feel they not only represent to brief well but they also showcase all the new skills I have learnt. I will continue to use the adobe packages throughout my work and work more methodically as I feel I have achieved much more in this project than I have in others (skills and designs).


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