Initial Research: Textiles for Interiors.

Sarah Waterhouse hand prints fabrics for the interior market. Her main method of printing is screen-printing and her designs mainly consist of 1 or 2 colours. SW’s prints are made up of simple shapes but create effective prints. SW was set up in 2007 in Sheffield, England and is very environmentally conscious when printing and designing.


Ink and Spindle is an Australian print studio. There are three designs in house and they have a good intern programme. The handprint all their designs are work within the confinements of this. The print and design for a varied range of products from cushions to lighting.


Emma Bridgwater is well known lifestyle brand. At the higher end of the high street market they have multiple collections for different areas of the interior market. They started out creating kitchen crockery and now have branched out into textile and stationery products. All their print designs are digitally created and available in multiple colour ways.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 22.11.02

Christian Lacroix is a high-end designer who creates flamboyant and vibrant designs. The house style is very clear with botanical influences and tropical colour palettes. The higher price tag allows for more luxurious choice of fabrics. Many of the print designs are detailed repeat prints, which is something I would like to develop in my work. The print designs go onto products such as curtains, armchairs, cushions and throws.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 22.13.12

Bedeck is an Irish interior retailer who have sold a range of brands. They have now launched their own lifestyle brand called “Murmur”. The brand encapsulates a relaxed and easy living feeling. The products have subtle and simple designs applied through a varied choice of methods such as digital stitch and print.

Harlequin designs products such as fabric, wallpaper and textile trimmings. The house style is vibrant and lively with busy prints. Harlequin is seen as a leading competitor in the international interior market. To stay in front they are experimental with their colour palettes and techniques.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 22.16.04

Sanderson is quintessentially English in design. They offer a range in wallpapers, bed linen and home accessories. Sanderson has a high end cliental and supplies to the British Royal Palaces. Their print designs are detailed and created by young designers who draw on historical and creative techniques.Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 22.26.39

M&S covers all aspects of the textile market. M&S is a staple of the British high street and has been for many years. The price range varies from high street to higher end and the collections cater to a variety of customers. Their interior collections are fashion forward and have an emphasis on good design.

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John Lewis is a main competitor for M&S. They have a similar cliental. Their designs have a classic edge and have a mixture of quality fabrics and fashion forward design. The have collections for all aspects of the home and branch into the paper market of stationery and gifts.


Liberty is a high-end textile store that has key role in English textile history. They sell designer ranges along side their own. Their print designs work in house and their prints are used on a wide range of products and are available to buy in the haberdashery. The designer’s use a wide range of skills and hand render many motifs for the collections.



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