The Amer Fort, Pana Meen Stepwell and Anoki

The first day was an intense first day and was very busy. It was a fantastic day and definitely one of my favourites. It was so eye opening to their culture and history. Everything I saw was fascinating me, just witnessing the different in their culture to my own was inspiring enough for me.


The Amer Fort was a phenomenal site. We took jeeps to the fort which was an experience in itself. It was just a different way of travelling. Im interested in the different ways of travel in India as I have seen so many different things from the bus window. Seeing an Indian elephant for the first time (not in a pen) was surreal. We hear about these animals at home and learn about how they endangered but never about how they are used in their native country. They are used to transport tourists up the hill to the fort. They have patterns and symbols painted on their skin and decorative clothe across their backs.


The Amer Fort is formed over many different courtyards. Each courtyard had a different purpose and the architecture reflected that. The first courtyard was large and used as a meeting place, common people would be allowed here. Even though it would have technically been the lowest courtyard and least regal the design was still so detailed. Archways, Door and Windows were so detailed all the way round. Detail is added either through the carving of the stone itself or being hand painted. In the more regal courtyards made for visiting dignitary’s there was an entire area decorated with inlayed mirrors. As beautiful as it was it felt like it was crated purely to show off power and money. I think the detailed designs on doorways and windows is really interesting as they can be very extravagant or simple but never left completely plain.


After leaving the fort we went to Pana Meen Stepwell. I didn’t know what to expect from the step well  but when I looked over the edge I was in complete shock. The purpose of the stepwell is to collect monsoon waters and the steps are to make it easily accessible. The design behind it is so  purposeful but it is breathe taking. I cant think why it was so breath taking but it had a presence to it.



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