This field module is something I will never forget. It was an eye opener to another part of the world. Rajasthan was a field of colour and getting to see all the textiles processes first hand was so inspiring. I have always had an interest in the textile industry in India because of all the skill and the hand processes founded over there. The textiles industry is one of the main skills passed down by families. There were small tailors every where.

The main highlights of the trip was visiting the Anoki museum and the Blue Pottery studio. These two places were created to save the artisan techniques which are unfortunately being lost. In skills are being pushed aside due to the demand from the western markets. Processes such as screen printing and slip casting is coming taking over to keep up with the demand. Anoki is a company and a museum. Throughout the museum you could learn about the history of block printing and the different stages of the print. I absolutely feel in love with it all. I have always had an interest in printing therefore the precise skill needed to cut a block was so inspiring to me. I wanted to emulate the labour intensive process in my work.

Aside from the textiles I was inspired by the people and the culture. The way of life they have and how vibrant and vivid it is. The constant noise and busy atmosphere was infectious and made me want to explore it more and more. Everyday I was surprised and shocked by sites that we encountered. I wanted my final pieces to show my journey and how everyday I was experiencing new things.

When we were back in the UK I started researching textiles artists and installations as I wanted to create a textiles art piece rather then a collection. I thought this would be more appropriate as I wanted to portray my journey and experiences. After researching into Jacob Hashimoto and Maggie Casey I realised I wanted to create a hanging piece with different layers. Each layer was to represent a different place that I found inspiring. The layering was to portray the journey. After my tutorial at the end of the module I realised that I needed to simplify my idea and figure out exactly how I wanted it to be hung. Therefore I chose 3 places of interest and developed these to create three pieces of work. The first was inspired by Amer Fort as it was my first encounter with India, the second was inspired by Anoki for the process and the Third was inspired by the cenotaphs as they are something that has stuck in my memory. I created the pieces using screen printing, block printing and hand embroidery. I also decided that when hanging them I would match up all the doors to represent the journey I had and how every doorway brought me to a new experience.


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