Being in Morocco with the purpose of understanding material culture allowed me to look at things with a deeper understanding of their purpose. It made me realise that everything has a purpose even if you don’t realise it initially. The most obvious example to me is the pink colour of the architecture. The pink city is iconic to Marrakech and how it is perceived by tourists. However the purpose of it is to stop the buildings glaring in the sun and heat and also to be in-keeping with the desert environment.

When we visited the Musee Tiskiwin I learnt a lot about Berber culture and the importance of it. I learnt that the Berber’s are travellers but this is only because of the migration of the sahara desert. The owner of the museum spent a lot of time talking us through how the Berber material culture had to change because of their travelling. I feel that this was the first time that I fully understood material culture in context. The material and products that the berbers used and made were dependant on their location. For example the Berber’s higher up in the atlas mountains had to have warmer clothing than those travelling south of the sahara. Also I noticed that many of their products were multi purpose.

The museum was one of my favourite places we visited on the trip and I feel this was because it was quite an eye opener for me. I would therefore like to include some of the things I learnt from the museum in my work. I would like to represent some of the material culture of Marrakech in my work.



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