Stitch Workshops

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 16.07.59

In the workshops I have consistently been going to stitch. At first I struggled to think of ways to combine my stitch with my aims to create weaves. How every I started creating textured pieces just to see where they would take me. The first stitch sample was a reverse appliqué piece. It was a very tactile piece and this is something I really wanted to create because of the heavy berber weaves that I saw in Morocco. This developed into a fringed sample, this added a extra texture and make the piece much more tactile.

I would like to add these samples to my weaves. Therefore I created stitched strips so I can weave them into my designs. I used the digital sewing machines so I could create detailed designs. Since my weaving skills are just at a beginners level the strips of stitch will allow to bring in the complex and detailed islamic patterns into my weaving.


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