Print Studio- Week One

I felt that this week I didn’t have many designs developed so far. Maggie was running a fabric manipulation workshop however I had attended this last year. I would however like to review the techniques I learnt last year and see how these could be used in my collection.

I felt that I haven’t been in the dye lab very much I felt that this week was a good opportunity to have a refresher on it. Steve re-explained the mix of the dye lab and I used simple procain dyes. I was dying fabrics such as calico and cotton. It took along time for the dyes to work and I left them in for up to 30mins at a time. I think that using a chemical dye would give me a much quicker result. I didn’t feel that I had a successful day however I definitely learnt something and grew in confidence in the dye lab.

While I was waiting for the fabrics in the dye baths I started cutting out a simple lino. I want to use some more hand rendered techniques in this project because in my research in first term I found that hand-rendered techniques were becoming popular again in the higher end of the textile market. I also feel that the softer edges of hand drawn, cut and printed lines will add to the designs given them texture and depth.


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