Tutorial- Week Two

This mornings lecture was on different types of design and had examples how they can be used. It is important for me to think of the different types of design when creating my collection. A particular example which resinated with me is “process-led design” and I think this is because I like to be very hands on in my work and I like to create designs through different processes and see how they can change or develop a simple design.

In my tutorial with Helen I managed to clear up a few things in my mind. She confirmed to me that I needed to develop my palette even further and the best way to do this was to start using the colours in the designs. This would allow me to visually see what colours worked well and how which colours weren’t working together. I also need to develop some more motifs to create into designs. I will use drawings from term one to do this. I also need to complete all the colour theory task and types of design task.


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