Working On the Colour Scheme

The colour scheme was something I am particularly concerned with. I fully understand the importance of colour and how much an impact colour can have. I have been taking inspiration from the colour scheme predicted in WGSN “Edgelands S/S 2017” report. Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 23.37.56.png

This is a board selection of colours but there is a emphasis on harmonious colours. The too ends of the spectrum meet at two neutral colours. I feel that I will need a few more neutral colours in my collection to portray the easy to live with feel needed for the “Murmur” range.Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 21.27.58.pngI decided to use photoshop to quickly experiment with colours. It was easy to piece colours next to each other. I feel that using the blue and green colours from the report will fit with the “Murmur” brand. Using photoshop I put different colours next to each other find a good contrasting or complimentary colour. It also allowed me to quickly change saturation, tints and shades. I finally came to the bottom right which is three original colours from the colour palette and a tint of the pink. I feel the pink adds in a different complimentary colour and will lift some of the colours and designs. Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 00.02.10.pngAfter working with the colour scheme in Illustrator and doing some colour mixing with gouache I found I needed some more neutral colours. I found the pink to be too dull so brightened it and made it more contrasting by taking out any blue tones in it. I also created a tint of this colour to create another neutral colour. I found the beige colour was too harsh against the green and blue colours and it looked “muddy”. I therefore added white to create a tint. This allows me three neutral shades to work with the darker blues and pink. I also created a tint from darkest blue as I feel it needed a bridge colour between the neutrals and the deeper colours. The bottom right row is my final colour scheme.


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