Print Workshop (Week 3) -Screen printing.

I have developed some images to expose onto a screen. They are simple line drawings influenced from the metal structures of the eiffel tower. Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.40.49.png

It was a quick process to develop the prints. The first design is just a simple repeat and a creates a detailed grid design. I then thought about how it could be repeated on a larger scale. The second design is them repeated with a space down the middle. On large interior pieces I feel that this would be effective as it would break up the print and created a vertical striped design. I removed the strip on the second design and this will create a very detailed grid. I feel that change of scale would really change the look of the piece. I feel the smaller it gets the busier and more detailed it will look. I then decided to reflect the pattern repeat this together. The arches join nicely together to create a softer shape in the middle. I feel that this breaks grid design.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 20.41.30.pngI decided to go with the the reflected design. Also I wanted to have two options of scale. I have done the the fill and the outline so I can possibly layer to two.

I was really pleased with the printing today. The smaller scale design worker really well. It was too busy. The larger scale one printed well and would work on large textile pieces but there were too many empty spaces. I experimented with layering the two together and it turned out well. However I had simple printing issues such as inks blurring and not perfectly repeating.



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