This project has really helped me to develop and work more professionally. I found it really helpful to design for a company rather that just myself. It forced me be more reflective of work as I had to see if it fitted with the company, the trend report and the theme. Researching all the different markets of textiles allowed me to have a fuller understanding of each market and how they may be different or similar. I was particularly drawn to the interior and the paper market. I think this is because there is a wide range of products that I could be designing for.

My final three companies were John Lewis, Ink and Spindle and Bedeck. I took influences and values from each to create my collection. John Lewis is a large retailer and they cover all textile markets. I found John Lewis influenced me because they always have on trend items along side classic pieces.

Ink and Spindle really inspired me to print in this project. I wanted to develop my printing skills and I feel that I was more experimental in this project by combining different printing techniques etc. I felt like I was taking more risks and I would like to continue to push this even further. Ink and Spindle really shows how simple prints can be beautiful and effective. One aspect I wanted to experiment with was to print onto wood as they have a collection of wooden crates. I wanted to experiment with different substrates and take my designs into possible table tops or storage (Crates). However I didn’t get to this and I really want to do this when I revisit the project.

Bedeck was my final company and the company I decided to write my brief towards. They recently launched their own lifestyle brand; Murmur. It is a upmarket brand which carries a higher price tag. The collection had an easy to live with look and this is something I wanted to try and work towards. I wanted to develop a collection that would be simple yet elegant. Ink and Spindles prints were similar in simplicity but I wanted to bring in the modern edge that Murmur has. I noticed the Murmur line had many neutral colours with accents of red and blue. I feel the neutral tones made the collection very calming and this is what I carried forward into my colour palette. I decided to go for three neutrals; off white, light pink and light beige. I then found inspiration for my other colours from the trend report “Edgelands”.

When working on creating the collection I had decided to take inspiration from my trip to Paris and drew out many sketches. I feel that the first hand drawings allowed me plenty of options to develop into designs. In term two I returned to the drawings and started drawing out simple motifs from them. I then started to develop them in Illustrator. I have found a lot of confidence in using Illustrator and found it a fantastic tool to develop motifs in designs. It allowed me to quickly change scale, repeat, layout. I generated plenty of designs to expose onto a screen.

On this project I have become very independent in the print studio. I have mastered the process of stripping, coating and exposing screens and this gave me new confidence in the workshop. I had some very successful days printing and some not so successful days. I particularly liked my design inspired from the Eiffel tower, the scale was quite small however it did print really well. I really liked the detail of it and how when it was repeated it looked much more complicated than it was. I found the processes of puff and flocking was appropriate for this brief. The puff and flock lifted the designs and gave them more texture. Due to the colour palette being relatively neutral I feel that texture needs to be added. I would like to experiment with devore and see what that technique can bring to the collection.

I found some the prints to be getting too flat so I decided to develop them in stitch. One sample was quilted and it had really added another dimension to the collection. It has more tactility to it but the simple design and colours still ties in with the easy to live with feel. The smoking sample also adds depth to design and I was really pleased with the experimentation of it because it did really change the print.

Overall I am happy with the collection however I can already see where I would like to develop some more. I would like to do more screen-printing in multiple colour prints and experiment with more techniques to add texture. I would also like to hand stich and use lino cutting to really push the hand rendered and process led designs. In my brief I did write that I would experiment with different substrates and I am disappointed that I didn’t so will immediately do this when returning to the project.

When printing out my Illustrator designs some colours were paler than expected so I will brighten then and see how they look then. Also some of my croqui designs aren’t up to the standard I would want them. On some designs the pattern doesn’t reach all of the edges and this is a simple mistake that I will rectify.

I also wish I had stayed more up to date with my blog. I did find it difficult to get back into the routine of it. I will now push myself to blog nearly everyday. I feel this will help me truly document how my work is developing. However in this project I do feel that my confidence has grown as a designer and I feel I have a deeper understanding of professional practice.


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