Developing the Morocco Module

After receiving my feedback for my Morocco work was was deeply disappointed. In my work I had thrown myself into weaving and tried something new. I think I decided to do this as I was so inspired by the craftsmanship in Marrakech and wanted to emulate that. Down ever street in the Marrakech there were woven rugs hanging from every wall and this is an image that has stuck in my head since returning. I think my vision was so clouded by all of the immense sites and senses that I lost my way in this project. I wanted to emulate what I had found the most inspiring rather than referencing back to the brief.

The main part of the brief was to understand material culture and values. In Marrakech there was an obvious emphasis on craftsmanship and the main markets were woven rugs, ceramics, leather good and metals. Along with spices and pharmaceuticals these were the main tradable goods in the souks. The tradable goods  reflect a lot about their culture as they stem from what they had available to them.For example Argan Oil; know in western countries as Moroccan Oil; is made from the Argan tree which is an abundance in Morocco. Also leather goods spans back to medieval times. I would have liked to visit the tanneries however after Alexandros  have an unfortunate experience we were advised against it. However I found this useful article:

In Marrakech there is a broad history and this can be seen by the combination of Arab and Berber culture. It was instantly clear to me as soon as we arrived that the history was rich and complicated as the first language was french which is something I didn’t expect. When visiting the Musee Tiskiwin and discovering the saharan artefacts and crafts I felt like a switch had clicked and something I wanted to emulate in my work was the combination of cultures that have all settled and merged in Morocco. The owner of Musee Tiskiwin was so passionate about the Berber people and their lives he told us so much information. His passion for the berber culture is something I would never forget.

I feel that I have had time to reflect on Marrakech and all the things I experienced. It was a lot of information to take in and I feel that that confusion reflected in my work. I would like to carry on with weaving but instead of using it as a form of construction using it to symbolise the craftsmanship. I would like to further the idea of collage as I think its a great way to drive the collaboration of cultures. I think the first step for me is to highlight seem key points of interest in Marrakech and use them as inspiration to create textiles pieces. I will do some more research into different artist who use weave and collage.


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