Theo Humphries: Crapestry

Theo is a Senior Lecture at uni and this is something he started in his spare time as a stress reliever. His family and now wife have always been crafty people and many have created tapestry work. Essentially he takes Vervaco tapestry packs which he sees as over romanticised and defiles them. He admits each one can take about 60hrs but he does it only for personal gain. He did touch on the issue of copyrighting as he has sold on some of his work however they’re technically Vervaco’s work. He feels that he gets away with it because he is so under the radar and small.

He found a new found respect for textiles practitioners and the skill that has to go into it. He also admitted that he is the only male in his family to take it up. This says a lot about the stigma surrounded by the textile industry. He also highlighted the fact that he was covering some very political and moral issues in his work but the immediate response to the work is laughter. This proves that people don’t take the medium of textiles seriously.


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