Dying Yarns and Fabric

One particular piece of feedback that has stuck will me is that my chosen yarns didn’t reflect the materials used in Marrakech. I fully agree with this, I had gotten myself so caught up in the idea of learning weave I wasn’t even thinking about what I was weaving with. Therefore I made myself make shift dye baths. It was a sudden urge of inspiration in the evening so I did it at home.ย IMG_3740.jpg

I had bought the pigments in a pharmacy in Morocco. I only bought three and they were the terracotta colour that as on all the buildings in Marrakech; the Majorelle Blue and the complimenting yellow seen in the garden. I started by just dying a plain white yarn however they didn’t dye very well and I think this is probably due to the fibre content of the yarns. The yellow created a cream, the blue was purple however the terracotta created a light pink shade which very much reminded me of the buildings and floors of Marrakech.

I then decided to venture further and then put in some fabrics. They are currently still dying so I look forward to seeing how they turn out.


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