The Buddy System: Painting

Today I started by gum stripping the seams between the walls. This does give a nice finish as it closes up the edges. The gum strip however needs to be completely dry before it is painted otherwise it will bubble and come off as the paint is drying. I saw quite a few examples and people rushed to paint before it was completely dry. The dryer the better. There was an issue with paint and a confusion about what was provided by the uni. It made me realise that it is important to fundraise for basic equipment for the show. Kelly and another student who is on the show committee really pressed the importance to start fundraising quickly. Hopefully I can stay Student Rep next year and bring some ideas to the table.

I painted the walls white and it only needed two coats. However the gum strip needed about 4 because the brown was showing through. It does look really smooth now and professional. The floor will need a clean but I can do that later on once all the paint is away. In-between coats of paint I went and helped other students paint their walls, this made the process much faster for everyone.


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