Developing the Rajasthan Module

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 23.57.53

During the Rajasthan Module we didn’t get much time to create final pieces so I have carried on working on it. After reviewing all my primary research I realised there were few places that stood out to me. These places are either places that I found breath taking but also places that changed me as an artist. On my travels I learnt about the importance of doorways and how the decoration of a threshold is important in the Indian culture. I feel that my travels around Rajasthan changed me as an artist and every day I was experiencing new things and I would like to document that in my work.

During the module I had done research into artists that create textile installations. Due to the fact I wanted to document a journey I wanted to create some sort of textile art. In my feedback at the end of the module it was suggested to narrow down my ideas due to time for execution. I therefore selected three places that I found inspiring and sketched out the thresholds. The above photos shows how I have scanned them in and digitised them. I did this so I could experiment with the layout. I have deiced that I will have three doorways that continue on through all the pieces. I deiced to go with the first layout as the ordered nature of the others isn’t in keeping with the busy nature of India. These designs are to be screen printed on all three pieces.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 01.26.14

I then wanted to develop a patterned background to go with each print. They were all influenced by other places in Rajasthan that I found beautiful. They added to the pieces and reflects more about my journey.

I think I will also bring in Lino cutting into the pieces to emulate the impressive block prints that I learnt about in India. Lino printing is something I would like to develop more and I am inspired but the artisans I met in India.



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