The Buddy System: Presentation

Kelly is very proactive and she has already overlocked all of her samples. They do look so neat and overlocking is something I now want to practice more this year so I can use it with confidence next year. She also bought pre-made headers which takes away the stress of cutting lots all perfectly. She just trimmed them down to better size. She also created labels with her Name, Student Number, Project Title, Family No and a small thumbnail design. They looked really professional. She used sheets that were a whole sticker and then cut them down herself. I was measuring on 0.7cm from each side of the header so there were some guides for mounting the work central. I also put double sided sticky tape on the inside of them ready for the samples. Kelly wants to stitch the header shut as then she doesn’t have to worry about her work coming apart when its up for the show. It also will make them look really clean and tidy. This will be tomorrows task.

Kelly has also bought separate hangers to put on her headers, they’re white wood and she has got them to go with her display. She also created stickers for these which I stuck on today. Having everything labelled gives everything a really cohesive look. I was also looking at her postcards and she explained the process behind them. Everyones postcards have to the same layout but they each have their own designs on them. They also create press packs to give out to important guests. This is something I will learn more about next year. Working with Kelly has highlighted quite a few things that I need to think about for next year. She seems to have been so organised with it and you can tell that it pays off in her work as her pieces are beautiful. She also seems calming than most. Im quite an organised person but I feel that I will need to step it up next year. Ready for the challenge.


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