The Buddy System: Headers

Today was the day. Kelly brought in her fabric samples and I was worried about touching them at first. We started by sticking the samples into the header. Her work looks so professional. A standard that I want to strive to achieve. She entrusted me to stitch the headers shut and I was very nervous about the first few. However once I got the rhythm of it I was fine. The stitches were a simple straight stitch at 5mm length. After stitching along the headers the loose threads were then pulled to the back and tied. This meant they stayed together and could be trimmed neatly.

Equipment List:

  • Double Sided Tap
  • Header (Pre-cut)
  • Labels for Designs
  • Labels for Hangers
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

As me and Kelly were working along side each other for most of the day I managed to ask her some questions about next year. It’s made me really look forward to the International Greetings Project but she has warned me that it is fast paced. She is lucky enough to be getting a work placement in the summer which is something I would love to do and I’m so excited for her. She also told me that her show has cost her nearly £500 which is daunting but I can also see how quickly it adds up. A site she recommends is Bags of Love as they have over 70 different fabrics and they deliver really quick.

Kelly had decided not to do New Designers but I have decided to go and see it this summer and make my mind up then. It is a lot of money but if it is something I would like to do then I will have to make it work. One thing that Kelly has made clear is the importance of being organised and keeping on track. I stress quite a lot as it is so I would really like to stay on top of things next year.

Kelly is getting some family to help her build aspects of the show but I hope I can still help where I can.


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