The Buddy System: Setting up the Show

Today was finally the day that we put Kelly’s work up. The samples have been ready to go up however we didn’t want to get them out until all the paint had been put away. We spent the morning putting her samples onto the hangers. The hangers she has chosen are white wood clip hanger and she decided to go with these as they are more fitting with her display and her work. However they are bulky and are hard to hang straight. However this could be changed by bending the hangers to make them hang differently. I also think having arms that have groves in them rather than large holes would make the hangers sit better. Kelly has an arm for each family of designs.

In her space she has a lot of “props” and they add a lot to her display. They do give the display another aesthetic aspect and the designs are visualised in their intended setting. I feel that props are important but they mustn’t take away from the designs. Kelly said that products are necessary however I feel they’re important for the visual aspect of the show. Kelly created a few products herself; oven gloves; tea cosy; apron and cushion but also got some made on bags of love; placemats; coasters and mugs. In addition to these products she has bought a table and chair, ladder and shelves to display her work. The props does make her display look visually pleasing.


In the afternoon, I helped Kelly finish off her press packs. Everyone needs to produce about five. Kelly did say they are quite expensive to produce. Most peoples press packs are in clear plastic pockets however Kelly has decided to put hers in cream cards with velcro pads. They look really tidy and in-keeping with her work. In her press pack she has a CV; Artist statement; Postcard; Business Card; Fabric Sample; Key ring and a memory stick. On the memory stick was 10 images of her work in high and low resolution; Artist Statement and Image list. The press packs will be helpful during the show as they can be handed out to possible businesses and artists.


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