Developing Primary Research: Marrakech

I felt that to develop my Marrakech project I needed to regroup my ideas. I decided to select three specific places and develop my primary research. I felt that this would allow me to really think about the concept behind my work rather than just the process. As I would like to carry on with the concept of combining all the diverse cultures that combine in Marrakech. Therefore the main places that I found so inspiring in Marrakech were Jardin Marjorelle, Souks, Musee Tiskiwin and Islamic College. All of these places held different cultural meanings and symbols.


I wanted to develop my drawing style and decided to use watercolours in most of work. This is because colour is so vivid in Marrakech so I wanted to emulate this. The Jardin Marjorelle was outstanding colour among the pink tone of Marrakech. The garden for me represents modern art in Marrakech but also has a museum in the Villa that is dedicated to the Berber culture. It was a great museum but unfortunately I couldn’t sketch or take photographs.


The Musee Tiskiwin was the first eye opening moment to me. I found it a really inspiring and this is why I chose this as one of the key places for my work. It really showed the Berber culture and how it have changed for and in Marrakech. The Berber culture is rich with history and textiles but is seen below the Islamic culture. In this image it combines the historic berber culture (trunk) set against the rich Islamic tiling. I think the combination looks beautiful and the compliment each other. This is something I would like to further in my work.


The Islamic college has been restored but it is absolutely breathe taking. It has never ending tiling patterns and arches. I felt that this was the perfect place to take inspiration from to portray the Islamic culture in my work. The tiling patterns will be taken further in my work.


The souks are a buzzing place of trade and tradesmen. I loved seeing the craftmens at work. The souks and the craftsmen were so inspiring to me as they have a wide variety of textiles. I was really taken back by the beauty of the weaves and I feel that this was why I got so involved in weaving during the project. However I want to use the weaving but not as a process but as a symbol for the craftsmen of Marrakech. It could also be a great way to combine the array of cultures in Morocco.


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